More Than Just A Company, A Philosophy of Operation

About New York Container Line

NYCL was founded on November 20, 2005, developing core services as a NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier), freight forwarder, and logistics coordinator. Our international shipping line provides quick and efficient services to meet all your shipping requirements. At NYCL, we firmly believe that although transportation is our business, effectively communicating with our clients is the ladder to a good and strong relationship.

NYCL has a workforce of seasoned industry professionals with over 25 years of experience in the trade. Having served in key positions with major shipping companies, our company’s mission is to ensure complete customer satisfaction through careful planning and execution.

More than just your typical NVOCC and shipping provider, we strive for our company to follow a set of principles. These principles form an inner compass for our team to maximize business value for our clients. These core tenants are to stride towards giving our clients: transparent and accommodating transactions, secure and on-time cargo delivery, and exemplary customer service.

Transparent and Accommodating Transactions

You work hard for your money and you want to maximize every dollar spent - and we intend to never abuse that. We make it company policy to ensure that you get the best possible rate for your shipment with no hidden fees and all expectations clearly mapped out prior to beginning shipment. In order to ensure prompt transit of your goods, we work with you so that all payments can be sent and received at the appropriate time to avoid any disruption in service.

Exemplary Customer Service

We are here to serve you. Our business model affords us the ability to customize service catered to your specific business or personal needs. We encourage our clients to request shipments with as many specifications as desired to ensure that they are completely satisfied with our service. By offering our clients a dynamic, personalized solution, we create peace of mind throughout every leg of the cargo’s journey.

Secure and On-Time Cargo Delivery

It is a great responsibility to be entrusted with your shipment.

We make it a priority to monitor your shipment throughout the transportation pipeline by maintaining internal reporting mechanisms every time a shipment is moved from one location to another. As an added layer of security, we also offer optional cargo insurance based on the value of your cargo.

Prompt delivery is always strived for with the professionals at NYCL. We know how important timely delivery is for business and personal expectations and we are dedicated to working with you around the clock to confirm your shipment’s pick up or arrival, whether local or around the globe.

bring true service without compromise

At New York Container Line, our focus is to bring true service without compromise. Give us an opportunity to prove our commitment to offering affordable costs without compromising our great service.